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Worldwide Access

During office hours to all Spaces business clubs.

Super-fast Wi-Fi

Make your global connectivity possible.


Reception and optional mail handling.


Reception and optional mail handling.

Rental Terms

Have dedicated space with flexibility.

Rental Terms

Have dedicated space with flexibilty.


Access to events and like-minded people.

Barista Coffee

Keep you fueled up and ready to work.

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The atmosphere of co-working spaces is unique. It is created by people who often work on their own account, develop their businesses and are heavily involved in what they do.

“This community combines expert resources, a passion for innovation and human comfort.”

Torry Larsen

CEO, InCom Solutions

“Outstanding Coworking team! Great enviroment and service! Thank you for work!”

Philip Thomson

IT Manager, LTD Corp.

“Selected Coworking and its software growth abilities. All worked closely and very hard.”

Katherine Oxford

Managing Director, Cinergy

“Coworking is designed and tested our company in record time and the right budget.”

Leroy Brownie

CEO, United LTD

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Our definition of natural soap is one made of oils, fats and butters that have been mixed with lye.   A completely natural soap should also be coloured naturally as well, to adhere to the definition of a natural soap.  Soap is made through the process of saponification. This is where lye (a mix of either Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide and water) is …

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Complete Guide to Organic Homemade Soap

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How is Bar Soap Made?

The first time I made soap, I understood immediately that the process of creating handmade soap is one where science and art come together. After lots of hours in the chemistry lab during my premed years, I knew that the chemistry of soap making would be uncompromising: you goof the recipe, you end up with …